Coming in Summer 2017: A spellbinding, information-packed walking tour through a historic stretch of long lost Pittsburgh. And on our virtual history tour, our tour guide will come to your group to tell Pittsburgh's amazing story.

Pittsburgh was forged in the cauldron of a mid-18th century world war and became an industrial colossus that built a mighty nation. Its history is marked by robber barons, immigrants with a superhuman work ethic, ingenious inventors, risk-takers, con-men, violent labor strife, and unprecedented urban renewal. It is the city of nicknames--"Steel City," "Smoky City," "City of Bridges," "Hell with the lid off," "The Workshop of the World," "The Arsenal of Democracy," "The Gateway to the West"--and none of them capture its majesty. Pittsburgh is the quintessential American city. 

Sadly, though, Pittsburgh's magnificent story grows dimmer with each passing year. Too many people don’t know there used to be a steel mill in Homestead that dominated an industry; who never heard of Jonas Salk, much less that he eradicated polio here; who think Roberto Clemente is a bridge, Arnold Palmer is a drink, and Warhol is a museum. The astounding, eye-popping history of Western Pennsylvania needs to be told.

Pittsburgh's history is anything but boring, and Pittsburgh's Mind-boggling History Tour is anything but boring. Our principal tour guide is the dean of Pittsburgh tour guides, Haydn Thomas, dubbed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as one of Pittsburgh's ambassadors. Prepare to be amazed--and enlightened!