We are the curators of Pittsburgh's nightmares, the archivists of its fears, the trustees of all things that go "bump in the night" in Western Pennsylvania. Join us for a spine-tingling ghost tour of one of America's most haunted cities.

Tours: Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m. May to early November


KDKA-TV (Haunted Pittsburgh takes Channel 2 on a tour of the haunted old Allegheny County Jail); KDKA-TV (Haunted Pittsburgh on the haunted Carnegie Library of Oakland); KDKA-TV (Haunted Pittsburgh on the haunted Cathedral of Learning); WTAE-TV (feature on Haunted Pittsburgh); PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE (Haunted Pittsburgh named "Best of the Burgh"); PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE ("Haunted Pittsburgh's Incline Ghost Tour . . . takes you to the top of Mount Washington and casts the scenic neighborhood in a whole new light."); PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE ("This isn’t a tacky tourist trap or a collection of generic urban legends. This walking tour dives deep into Pittsburgh history to unearth forgotten tales, many starring some of the city’s most prominent citizens — and all featuring a good scare or two. Prepare to learn a few juicy Steel City secrets."); PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE (Haunted Pittsburgh featured with Rick Sebak as "history-focused locals"); PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE.COM ("This is truly great stuff— a delightful mix of Western Pennsylvania history and eerie supernatural lore — all meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, and beautifully told."); PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE (Haunted Pittsburgh tour guide called one of Pittsburgh's ambassadors); PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE ("The ghost stories flew fast and furious on a Sunday night walking tour across campus . . . ."); PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE ("These walks are a chance to learn about Pittsburgh then and now -- and the places where then-residents might still mingle with residents now."); PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW (Haunted Pittsburgh is "the result of meticulous research into the purported supernatural ties of some of the city's most famous figures and places."); PITT MAGAZINE ("The tour group applauds. Then they file under the stone entranceway of the Cathedral . . .to huddle beneath the gothic ceiling and await the next thrilling tale."); PITT NEWS (feature on Haunted Pittsburgh); PITT NEWS ("Haunted Pittsburgh is a local historical group with the aim of sharing local spirit lore by offering ghost walks, something the city previously lacked. . . . . Ghost walks offer a safe environment to feel chills up the spine."); PITT NEWS (interview with Haunted Pittsburgh founder); PITT NEWS ("Haunted Pittsburgh . . . is in its eighth year of tours and not without subject matter.") DUQUESNE DUKE ("There are plenty of stories told on this journey that will leave you pondering late into the night."); POINT PARK GLOBE (Haunted Pittsburgh's founder "wanted the perfect combination of ghost stories that make the skin crawl, and the enriched history of Pittsburgh that many people do not know."); LAKE ERIE TIMES NEWS ("We . . . came away from the tour feeling like we had learned a lot while having had fun along the way."); JIM KRENN RAW (Pittsburgh radio legend visits Haunted Pittsburgh); BOSTON GLOBE ("Haunted Pittsburgh runs tours from May through November of the underside of that town’s age of robber barons and steel millionaires.")

Pittsburgh's character was forged in pig iron furnaces so hot that men and women forgot their fear of hell. Any town that's experienced the tumult ours has seen can't escape its ghosts. Our city has a South Side and a North Side--we take you to its dark side. Journey with us back to the Gilded Age of ragtime and robber barons, of boastful mansions bathed in gaslight. We bring you the story of a great American city through its greatest tales of the macabre.