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WHEN: Tours run Fridays and Saturdays May to early November. Ghost Tours start promptly at 7 pm 

ORDER: GO HERE.  Price: $15. All ordering is done on-line. You can order on-line right up until the tour starts. All sales are final -- sorry, no refunds. See *IMPORTANT below.

 Downtown Pittsburgh -- The City-County Building 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (at the statue of Mayor Caliguiri). (Sorry, there are no public restrooms available at the City-County Building at the time we do our tours)

PARKING:  Go here. (In addition, there is a large public parking lot directly across the street from the City-County Building.)

ABOUT THE TOUR: Pittsburgh has a North Side and a South Side, but on this tour we take you to its dark side.

Haunted Pittsburgh's spell-binding, jam-packed one hour and forty-five minute (times vary) walking jaunt into the city's ghostly, grisly, ghastly past takes you through the heart of it all, downtown Pittsburgh, the "Golden Triangle."

Our nation was born in Philadelphia and saved at Gettysburg, but it was built in Pittsburgh. Steel is etched on our town's DNA, and with more bridges than Venice, the rivers are the city's lifeblood. Few towns can match our vibrant heritage; fewer still can lay claim to a past as spectacularly gruesome.

Our Ghost Guide will lead you up close and personal to the actual sites of Pittsburgh's most haunted happenings. The stories may vary, but among the ones we tell are the following:

The spot where steel magnate Henry Clay Frick's life was spared by a ghost in what might just be the single most important ghost story ever told. 

The Allegheny County Jail where the ghost of Mrs. Soffel roams.  

A toy store teeming with other-worldly activity.

The mausoleum-like Federal Courthouse, which has ghost-activity on at least three floors, and where a judge still donned the black robe years after he died.

A ghost-infested former brothel. 

A former hotel, now a college dorm, where the ghost of a famous judge mingles with the students.

A cigar store frequented by ghosts.

The site where Abraham Lincoln stayed when he came to town, and the story of the cursed bed he slept in.

▲ A stroll past the oldest graveyard in Pittsburgh, site of an ancient Indian burial mound.

The story of the "Demon of Brownsville Road."

Spending an evening dabbling in the macabre shouldn't seem so terribly unusual to Pittsburghers. After all, this is the town where guys used to take their prom dates to the morgue to view the unidentified bodies. (In fairness, their motivation wasn't so much to wallow in ghoulishness but to engender a little squeamish cuddling.) That macabre practice stopped sometime in the early 60s, but older Pittsburghers still remember it with a twisted fondness.

Many of our tales hark back to one especially turbulent era – the time when Pittsburgh was bursting onto the world stage as an industrial powerhouse. Homestead was the world's workshop. That era just happens to coincide with the time that Pittsburgh was officially spelled without the “h”. In 1890, the United State Board of Geographic Names ordained that the “h” be dropped, and it wasn’t until 21 years later that the protests of Pittsburghers were heeded and the “h” was reinstated. Is there a correlation between the supernatural activity and the loss of the "h"?

This isn't like those "other" ghost attractions -- the kind that pop up around Halloween then disappear until the following year. We are a year-round venture. And we happen to think the truth is far more interesting, and much scarier, than anything we could possibly make up. We cringe when we're on other tours and hear things so far-fetched they insult our intelligence. If you are looking for underpaid actors with fake English accents donning ghoul costumes and telling stories that are obviously made up, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you get a  thrill when zombie-wannabes, bathed in strobe lights and caked in grotesque make-up, jump out at you, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you are pining to see door knockers transform into the face of Jacob Marley, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU.

But if you like creepy stories about the unexplained in Western Pennsylvania that will raise the hair on the back of your neck and leave you feeling a tad uneasy before you shut out the lights to go to sleep -- and that happen to be true -- this is the tour for you. We have no desire to give your heart a jolt; we prefer to give your spine a tingle. This is the real deal: we tell good old-fashioned ghost stories, creepy stories that are "meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, and beautifully told" (post-gazette.com).  If you like a good ghost story with a Pittsburgh twist, we have what you're looking for.

So join us for an utterly fascinating, jaw-dropping, goose-bump-inducing evening -- we are Pittsburgh's ghost tour, one of the region's great attractions.

*IMPORTANT: (1) All sales are done on-line. (2) Our tours proceed rain or shine, hot or cold, so come prepared for Pittsburgh’s unpredictable weather! (3) We can’t give refunds or allow guests to reschedule tours. We keep our tours small, and they frequently sell out, which means that if we hold a space for guests who fail to show up, we keep someone else from coming on the tour. (4) To accommodate all of our guests, we apologize that we cannot delay the start of our events.