What do you do on your tours?  We do walking tours and a "virtual tour" (where you stay where you are, and our Ghost Guide comes to you). Our walking tours are outdoor events except that on the Incline Tour, we include a ride on the Incline.

On all our tours, we tell ghost stories, creepy tales of the unexplained, and we show you (either in person, or via our Power Point presentation in our Virtual Tour) Pittsburgh's most haunted sites. We take our story telling seriously, and we've researched the stories carefully. We aren't a seasonal Halloween gimmick; we're an all-year endeavor, and we do our walking tours from May through October.

On our tours, you will not encounter college students donning "period" costumes and trying out silly English accents that fade in and out as the evening wears on. No actors covered in make-up jump out of the bushes to scare you. Door knobs do not transform into the face of Jacob Marley. We have no desire to give your heart a jolt; we much prefer to give your spine a tingle. This is the real deal: we tell good old-fashioned ghost stories, creepy tales--yarns that will get under your skin and leave you feeling a tad uneasy before you shut out the light to go to sleep. Our stories are too good to embellish with cheap theatrics.

How do I order? On-line. We don't like our tour guides walking around with cash. Our tours frequently sell out, so order early.  We apologize that we cannot reserve spots without advance payment, but we've learned from hard experience that some people who reserve spots without paying (and, thus, take spots away from others who want to be on the tour) don't show up. 

What happens after I order? After you place your order, that's all you need to do. All sales are final and admission fees are non-refundable. You won't receive a physical ticket. When you arrive at the event, just give your name to our tour guide and he or she will check it off our list.

How long do the tours run?  The walking tours are generally approximately 1½ hours in length (the length of our Virtual Ghost Tour can be tailored to suit your group's needs).

A word about the Incline: the Incline Tour includes a ride on the Monongahela Incline. The Incline is operated by the Port Authority of Allegheny County and Haunted Pittsburgh has no control over delays associated with the Incline. Because of delays that might occur, the tour may go longer.

On the Incline Tour, how do I get down Mt. Washington after the tour? At the end of the Incline Tour, guests are entitled to ride back down the Incline without paying an additional fee, but they must do so within three hours of the time they came up or they might be charged an additional fee by the Port Authority, which operates it.

Can I schedule a private tour?  Private group walking tours are available (note our Virtual Ghost Tours are private tours). These events are available for groups of 20 or more. Weekend and weekday times are available, but our availability in October is limited (best to book early). We require payment in advance. Call 412-302-5223.

Can you hold up the tour if I'm running late? To accommodate all of our guests, we apologize that we cannot delay the start of our events.

If it rains, will the tour go on?  Our events proceed rain or shine.  A lot of our guests come from out of town and we don't want to disappoint them.

Do you give refunds? Sorry, we don't. All sales are final. Our tours are very small, and frequently sell out. If a group cancels out after we've sold out, we may not have the opportunity to resell their spots, so they are taking a spot from others. We've learned from long-experience that we can't do that if we want to stay in business.

What about children? We defer to parents to decide if our events are appropriate for their children for our Incline, Downtown, and Oakland Ghost Tours. We tell scary ghost stories, intermingled with Pittsburgh history. Please note that some of our most enthusiastic guests have been children.

Can I record the tour (and maybe use the stories to start my own ghost tour)? The recording in any manner of any portion of any of our events without the prior, express written consent of Haunted Pittsburgh is strictly prohibited. Photos, videos, and recordings taken during the events on behalf of Haunted Pittsburgh may include your image, likeness and/or voice. You agree that Haunted Pittsburgh may use such photographs, videotapes, or recordings for any purpose, promotional or otherwise, without compensation to you.

Can I bring a bottle of booze or drink beer on the tour?  NO! There is no consumption of alcoholic beverages or the like permitted at any time on our tours, and Haunted Pittsburgh reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest(s) who appear to be intoxicated and/or unruly, in Haunted Pittsburgh's sole and reasonable discretion.

Do I need to obey the traffic laws on the tour?  Yes, without exception. All guests are responsible for their own safety while walking the streets during our tours. Guests assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or relating in any manner to an outdoor walking tour through an urban setting. Further, guests assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or relating in any manner to the tours. All guests must pay strict attention and follow the safety instructions of the tour guide at all times.