Contact Us, and Frequently Asked Questions


Haunted Pittsburgh is a very small company, and sometimes we are inundated with calls and emails -- these are the answers to the vast majority of questions we receive:

(1) ORDERING: All our ordering is done on-line here. If we are sold out, you won't be able to place your order--if you can order, we aren't sold out.

(2) "I DIDN'T GET A TICKET!" You will not receive, and do not need, a physical ticket to come on the tour. Once you order, all you need to do is give your name to our tour guide when you arrive for the tour, and he or she will check it off the list.

(3) "HOW LATE CAN I ORDER?" You can order on-line right up until the start of the tour.

(4)  "WILL THE TOUR LEAVE WITHOUT ME?" The tour won't leave the starting point early unless we are sold out and everyone is present. Otherwise, in consideration of our other guests, the tour will leave on time.

The Haunted Incline
(5) "WHAT IF IT RAINS?" Our tours proceed rain or shine, hot or cold, so come prepared for Pittsburgh’s unpredictable weather!

(6) "CAN I GET A REFUND"?" We apologize that we can’t give refunds. Our tours often sell out, and if we hold a spot for someone, we can't sell it to someone else.

(7) "CAN YOU HOLD UP THE TOUR FOR ME?" To accommodate all of our guests, we apologize that we cannot delay the start of our events.

(8)  "I'M AT THE STARTING POINT AND I DON'T SEE ANYTHING HERE THAT SAYS 'HAUNTED PITTSBURGH'!" Our tours start at public venues, so there won't be a sign that says "Haunted Pittsburgh" at any of our starting points. DON'T WORRY! Be at the spot where you're supposed to be -- please don't wander away -- and you won't miss the tour.

(9) "CAN/SHOULD I BRING CHILDREN?"  Haunted Pittsburgh welcomes all non-disruptive guests of whatever age. We defer to parents to decide if our events are appropriate for their children. We tell scary ghost stories, intermingled with Pittsburgh history.

(10)  SPECIAL NOTE FOR INCLINE TOUR: For the Incline Tour, make sure you are at the right incline -- the MONONGAHELA INCLINE. We've had a couple of people show up at the other incline and claim "there was no one there."

(11)  "ONCE I'M ON THE TOUR, I DON'T NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO TRAFFIC SIGNALS, DO I?"  Wrong. It is your responsibility to obey the traffic laws on the tour, without exception. All guests are responsible for their own safety while walking the streets during our tours. Guests assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or relating in any manner to an outdoor walking tour through an urban setting. Further, guests assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all other hazards arising from or relating in any manner to the tours. All guests must pay strict attention and follow the safety instructions of the tour guide at all times.

(12) "I READ YOUR COMMENT IN NUMBER 11 AND IT WORRIES ME--ARE YOU TAKING PEOPLE TO SAFE PLACES?"  We take people through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh--we don't own the streets and we can't control the people we come across any more than anyone else. Innumerable people walk these streets every day without unreasonable fear. If the big city scares you, this probably is not the tour for you.

(13) "WHERE ARE THE RESTROOMS?" Sorry, there are no public restrooms available on our tours.

(14) "DO YOU GO INSIDE BUILDINGS?" This is an outdoor walking ghost tour -- we generally don't go inside buildings on our tours -- in the grand tradition of ghost tours.

(15) WHEELCHAIRS: Our tour is wheelchair friendly--please note that the tour is about a mile and a half to two miles long and it traverses city  sidewalks and streets. The route is generally flat except for one area above the Gulf Building/Steel Building which has a hill. The tour does not enter any buildings.

(16) "YOUR WEBSITE DOESN'T SAY WHERE THE TOUR  STARTS OR ENDS."  Um, the page where you ordered tells where it starts. Our tours do not always follow the same route, but at the end of the tour, the tour guide will make sure you are able to get back to the place where the tour started.

(17) "HOW LONG IS THE TOUR?" It varies--it's between an hour-and-a-half and two hours long generally.

(18) "WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? AND, DO YOU GO INSIDE BUILDINGS?"  We don't go inside buildings. We are not a ghost hunt where people walk around with little ghost meters. We tell stories about otherworldly happenings at sites associated with them. If you are looking for a fake medium to help you contact the dead, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you are looking for underpaid actors with fake English accents who don ghoul costumes and tell stories that are obviously made up, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you get a thrill when zombie-wannabes, bathed in strobe lights and caked in grotesque make-up, jump out at you, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you are pining to see door knockers transform into the face of Jacob Marley, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. If you have the attention span of a lemming and are addicted to your cell phone to the point you can't listen to a story for more than 30 seconds, THIS ISN'T THE TOUR FOR YOU. But if you like creepy stories about the unexplained in Western Pennsylvania that happen to be true and that might just give you pause before you turn out the light and go to sleep, this is the tour for you.

If you need to contact us--(most of our our communications call about not getting a physical ticket--please read above--YOU DON'T GET ONE!), please feel free to email us:  (the best way to reach us). Or TEXT us at 412-385-2015.