NEXT EVENT: APRIL 22, 2017--Doubletree Pittsburgh Meadow Lands 340 Race Track Road Washington, PA 15301. 7:30 pm--Order below.

Join HAUNTED PITTSBURGH for a spectacular evening of Western Pennsylvania's greatest ghost stories! Our ghost guide we'll regale you with the tales, and our photo presentation will show you the haunted sites--and you won't ever leave the room! This is not our walking tour--it's a spine-tingling, rip-roaring, goose bump-inducing, whirlwind virtual ghost tour through Western Pennsylvania’s most terrifying locations! See what media outlets are saying about Haunted Pittsburgh here.

You'll hear about Henry Clay Frick and America's most important ghostly visitation; the premonitions surrounding the death of Pirates' great Roberto Clemente; Jock Yablonski and the Washington County house at the center of Western Pennsylvania's grisliest murders; the other-worldly stories about the Cathedral of Learning, the Allegheny County Courthouse and the Mon Incline, and much more.

Pittsburgh has a South Side and a North Side--at this event, we'll take you to Western Pennsylvania's dark side. Journey with us back to the Gilded Age of ragtime and robber barons, of boastful mansions bathed in gaslight, and of a "Millionaire's Row" that was the most exclusive address in America. This is Western Pennsylvania's story--told through the dark lens of its greatest tales of ghosts and the unexplained.

Sometimes people ask us "what exactly do you do?" We tell ghost stories, pure and simple--good, old-fashioned scary tales from Western Pennsylvania's grisly past. We've researched the living daylights out of these stories--and we have hundreds of them. At this event, we tell our favorites. We don’t try to contact the dead or conjure up your late Aunt Bessy. We don’t claim we hear the departed knocking on walls--then jump back and shout, “did you hear that?!” like a cheesy paranormal TV show. We don’t try to pass off fake pictures of orbs as the supernatural. We don't dress up like witches or speak with fake English accents to create "atmosphere." And we don’t turn door knockers into the face of Jacob Marley. This is the real deal. As Pittsburgh Magazine said about us, “this isn’t a tacky tourist trap.”

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Where: Doubletree Pittsburgh Meadow Lands 340 Race Track Road Washington, PA 15301.

When: April 22, 2017 at 7:30 pm

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WE ARE FAMILY-FRIENDLY: We don't jump out at our guests to scare them.

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April 22, 2017